5 Board Game Movies We’d Actually Watch

5 Board Game Movies We’d Actually Watch

Tired of movies based on Hasbro games? Here are five ideas for movies based on non-Hasbro titles.

Settlers of Catan

The leaders of Clan Blue learn that they’re not alone on their idyllic island. A band of thieves came from the desert and raided the twin settlements’ grain, sheep and mining operations. Scouts also report that two other groups have landed on the island. Through trade, Clan Blue…

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CROWDSOURCE PROJECT! What’s your favorite filler game?

Reblog with your answer. We’ll collect the responses into a post later this week. (via clevermove)

Hmm. Coup is up there although I just discovered Cartagena.

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Our latest Crowdsource Project is still ongoing. If you want to add your favorite filler game to the list, reblog with your answer.


Another Firefly Game? You’re Gorram Right You Want It — New And Next.

Another Firefly Game? You’re Gorram Right You Want It — New And Next.

More Firefly For Your Game Table?

In separate announcements, Upper Deck and Gale Force Nie have promised to bring more of Jos Whedon’s sci-fi series to your game table. Upper Deck announced that the Firefly dice game, which it demoed at Origins, will reach stores in November. The game will last roughly three rounds and 30 minutes. Players take a mission and roll dice with characters from the…

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