What Is a Deck Building Game?

What Is a Deck Building Game?

What is a deck building game? The deck building category includes any game in which players use in-game methods to add cards to a personal deck so that the new cards can be used later.

The exact mechanism for acquiring cards differs from game to game. In Dominion, players use treasure cards to buy more advanced cards. In Eminent Domain, players acquire one new basic card each turn, and may…

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Announced: Carcassonne Big Box 5

Announced: Carcassonne Big Box 5

Z-Man games announced Tuesday its plans for Carcassonne Big Box 5.

Carcassonne Big Box 5

The fifth deluxe starter set for the now-classic tile-laying and area control game will include the Inn & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, (which have been included in every iteration of the Carcassonne Big Box series) The River, Hills & Sheep, and The Wheel of Fortune expansions.

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Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck-Building Game Goes Deep

Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck-Building Game Goes Deep

Vitals: 1-5 players, 30-90 minutes, ages 17+

Summary: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game puts players in the world of James Cameron’s Aliens, where they have to recruit characters from the films and complete three objectives while fighting off H.R. Giger’s famous monsters. Despite appearances, Legendary Encounters is not a simple re-skinof its older brother, Legendary:…

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