Ten Stages of Playing The Resistance

Ten Stages of Playing The Resistance

If you haven’t played The Resistance, or its later version Avalon, you should fix that. The social deduction game most famous for appearing on an episode of TableTop redefined the genre when it first appeared in 2009.

Both welcoming to new gamers and engaging for experienced gamers, the process of playing The Resistance feels a bit like this:

1. Hey, look, all of my friends are bored.

2. Want to…

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Splendor: A Math Game Grandma Can Play

Splendor: A Math Game Grandma Can Play

Vitals: 2-4 players, about 30 minutes, ages 8+

Summary: Players take the role of renaissance merchants as they collect and spend gems to build infrastructure and earn prestige. On each player’s turn, they take one of four actions: collect three gems (poker chips) of different types (colors); collect two gems of the same type; collect a single gold and take an infrastructure (card) into their…

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During my Great Grandfathers time exploration had increased significantly to enable our family to exploit the new trade routes to Columbia, Brazil, Ceylon, not including the strengthening of our contacts in the east towards India and the Afghan mountain ranges. With these my family, the Tavernier family had risen quickly amongst the gem houses of Europe and now we were attracting even more Nobles and rich clients to our doors. Now it was well know that we had our rivals, other families that tried their hand at toppling our house from their top place amongst the most prestigious Joailliers. However, I had never thought that it would be my own son that would set out to try and do this, to bring both shame and ruin to my own doorsteps!!

Son: I could buy that couldn’t I?

Why would I help my son start his own Gem House, our family had even supplied jewellery to Napoleon Bonaparte! And here he was asking for advice? I was incredulous!

Son: I can buy that, oh I need three blue! I have that don’t I! 

Son: Ok I’ll get a blue, white and green…

Even as our families trade expanded and our Colombian mines of Emerald, and Ruby mines in India allowed us to buy greater shipping, including the most Splendid Blue Sapphire merchant of Bohemia, my son was plotting our families down fall.

Son: Your go! no its mine! I just need one more green card!

He was even managing to attract some English Noble ladies to his wares but that would not last, most of Europe was in our pocket and he would get no business from the Nobles of France or the Papal States!

Son: Oh so I now need four black ones. If I just get seven red ones I can get that!

Like all sons who try to usurp their fathers place, he was finally put in his place, as our blue Saphires were being cut by Artisans into exquisite new shapes, there was little my son could do, he was out paced and out classed… or was he?

Final score, Father 16, Son 12

(with two more turns he would have got 3 more to get 15) 

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