Announced: Chez Geek: Slack to the Future Expansion

Announced: Chez Geek: Slack to the Future Expansion

Steve Jackson Games announced a new expansion for Chez Geek, called Slack to the Future.

This 56-card expansion for the oft-offensive Chez Geek social party game focusses on how technology has changed our lives.

Chez Geek Slack to the Future Expansion

This expansion will have a suggested retail price of $10.95 and art by Chez Geek-veteran John Kovalic.

Chez Geek: Slack to the Future doesn’t have a listed release date, but it is…

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What is a 4x Game?

What is a 4x Game?

What is a 4x game? Gamers use the term “4x game” as a shorthand for games that include four major traits: exploration, expansion, exploitation (of resources) and extermination.

Exploration: 4x games tend to include some element of discovery. In Twilight Imperium, players lay randomized chits on each planet at the start of the game. Each chit creates some effect on the planet, and players can only…

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Announced: Alchemists Hybrid Board Game

Announced: Alchemists Hybrid Board Game

Czech Games Edition announced that it will release a new hybrid electronic board game called Alchemists at the Essen Game Convention in October.

In this game, players compete to publish correct alchemical recipes, which they do by investigating ingredients via a smartphone application and deducing the right combinations.

According to CGE’s release:  “Knowledge is gained by mixing ingredients and…

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Announced: Clash of Cultures Civilizations Release

Announced: Clash of Cultures Civilizations Release

Z-Man Games announced that it will release Clash of Cultures: Civilizations at October’s Essen game fair in Germany.

Clash of Cultures: Civilizations is the first expansion for Z-Man’s epic game, Clash of Cultures.

Clash of Cultures Civilizations Release Date Announced

The Civilizations expansion gives players:

  •  14 different civilizations with four unique advancements and three unique leaders.
  • More miniatures, including elephants and horses.
  • New…

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Start ‘em young!


We have a weekly game night. Our 3 year old sleeps right through everything, but our 9 month old often wakes up near the end, but can usually be settled pretty quickly. A few weeks ago she wouldn’t go back to sleep, so I brought her downstairs as we were almost done with our game of Settlers of Catan. For the record, they won that game.

Helping Daddy win at Settlers of Catan

Five Awesome Dominion Storage Solutions

Five Awesome Dominion Storage Solutions

Looking for a Dominion storage solution? Dominion is a fantastic game with a ton of replay value, but it also takes up an enormous amount of space in a game closet. At its full glory, Dominion spans nine boxes — six large ones and three smaller ones. All this create’s a Dominion storage challenge. Here are just a few possible solutions.

Dominion Storage Solution

Standard Card Boxes

This isn’t the prettiest solution, but…

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